For me, music is listening to pictures and stories. When composing, it is always the inner and outer images that are transformed into music. Already my first concerts, which I composed for symphony orchestras in the 80s, had a light dramaturgy, which was anchored in the score. And even in my first opera, projection and laser was a fixed part of the musical narrative.

The times, when the instrumentarium of my music studio occupied a whole room, are long gone. Today, everything fits into a much smaller system, consisting of several connected computers, which are equipped with big orchestra-libraries, band- electro- and ethno-libraries, and also a wild collection of the craziest instruments and samples, which I collected and created during the last years. Connected to my sound studio, by recording all the live parts of the musicians, so an individual overall sound is created. And when larger ensembles are needed, I go to nearby churches, concert halls or other suitable premises with my mobile sound studio and a bunch of high-class microphones from my collection.

I love the symphonic sound, which certainly has its origin in my roots (my first profession as a classical orchestra musician), which I like to enriche with imaginative instruments. But also chamber music ensembles or completely different combinations of instruments, from soloist to opulent, from spherical to melodious, from analog to electronic, from occidental to ethnological, can be found in my scores, according to what the story requires and what wants to be told.

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Music for the Temple of EDFU (Egypt)