Welcome to my world of passionate expression, fascination and music.

I´m a filmmaker and composer, searching for the deepest impact of what can be reached within a project.

I´m inspired by the challenge of going deep with new themes. And I´m constantly open for new ideas,

thoughts and personal approaches to what wants to be told.

COMEBACK through darkness

Germany,  2019/2020



Innovative opera project containing recomposed classical live music, theatre, opera and cinema. 

it´s a piece about „opera“ and the „living“ - based on a true story


Douglas Yates, Ensemble Operassion, Fabian Dobler

filmings and live projection: Stephan Boehme

Realization: Konzert Agentur Landgraf

ARIES for 2 pianos, orchestra and projection




It´s the story of a brave city in the middleage, and it´s a story about independance. but it´s also a story about fear and courage, about tollerance and respect.

it´s a great honor to be asked for a piece of composition for big orchestra, two pianos, percussion and cinematic elements to tell the story of Reutlingen, a city in the heart of Baden-Württemberg - for the 75 anniversary of the Württembergische Phiharmonie.

Featuring GrauSchumacher PianoDuo